What is Meditation ?

Meditation is our attempt to discover our inner self, a place beyond the usual workings of the intellectual mind. we become aware of the infinite within and our own unexpected wealth of divine qualities like peace and inner joy.

History of Reiki

” Reiki has roots in Japan around the beginning of the 20th Century. A man, Mikaomi Usui, sought to either learn about how Jesus healed, or to revolutionize Qi Gong practice. The most commonly taught Reiki history comes to us through Mrs. Takata, that Usui wanted to learn how Jesus healed and then had a…

Taurus 2018 Sun Sign Yearly Horoscope predictions

Taurus 2018 Sun Sign Yearly Horoscope predictions Venus, your dominant planet, represented love for the Romans and is also the goddess of beauty, queen of the Nymphs and the Graces. You are a born epicurean, taking all the time you deem necessary to taste life’s pleasures. You are often acknowledging as having a stable personality….