Below are 10 ways that you can begin cleaning up the energy in your home.

All of them are simple, easy to do and free or cheap. They are listed – more or less – in the order from easiest and least expensive to a little less easy and a little more expensive!

  1. Get Rid of Clutter and unwanted or waste items from your house: Excess or unwanted items in a space can block the positive energy flow. So removing all the waste and unwanted items reduces the negative energy of your house.casaWe all like to collect things that we like, but do we really need them? A tranquil home is one that is well-organized and clean. The fewer things you need to organize the more positive your space will be.
  2. Repair or Discard Broken Objects: It is easy to put things aside and forget about them, but once they are taken care of it can take off a lot of subconscious weight off your mind.
  3. Rearrange Often, you feel that you must get rid of something to change the energy in a space, but sometimes, all you need to do is rearrange so that the flow of energy is better. living-room-bookcases-built-in-billy-bookcase-behind-sofa-too-many-books-not-enough-shelves-arranging-bookshelves-built-in-bookshelves-plansAn open arrangement that doesn’t block access is ideal as it allows energy to flow freely through the space.
  4. When possible, free yourself of objects that have bad memories attached to them: Just being around these items can bring down your mood and energies, even if you are not consciously thinking about it.
  5. Use essential oils to clean. Lavender, citrus and rosemary oils are especially good for destroying negativity.banner-space-clearing If you don’t have essential oils around, try to choose a cleaner that has a smell that you have a positive association with.
  6. Open the windows. To keep the indoor air fresh, it’s important to open the windows every day, even if it is only for a short while. You should do this even during winter when the air is cold. windowLet sunshine into the room by opening a window and drawing the curtains. Sunlight and fresh air are the best natural remedies for bringing good energy into a room. Air flow helps to move energies and gives it an outlet to leave bad energies and brings positive energy. So proper and good airing is necessary in your house.
  7. Sound can be useful for clearing a space. Singing bowls, Conch, Bells, Wind Chimes, drums, rattles and gongs are just a few examples of instruments that can be used. Go around the room after you have physically cleaned and use the instrument to drive out negative energies.
  8. Smouldering after you have physically cleaned can be helpful. This is the process of using the smoke from smouldering sage, cedar or other herbs to remove the negative energies from a space. 8264896_origBe careful to hold something under the plants if you use this technique. This process can be done after opening of all the windows and doors of your home.
  9. Salt is a great cleanser and can be used to eliminate negative energy from rooms. Focus on dark corners or spaces without much natural light or ventilation. 5 - Pringle BurningPlace a bowl of sea salt in such areas so that it absorbs the negative energy. The salt can be discarded after 48 hours. You can also burn the salt to remove negative energy and clean up your home environment
  10. Last but not the least, use of Camphor as much as possible. You can burn the camphor in every corner of your house; place the camphor in every corner of your house. Smouldering the camphor in every corner of your house, even you can smell the camphor if you feel bad or sad.

I highly recommend that you do whatever you can to START your regular home energy clearing. Sometimes it only requires a little extra effort for a big change.

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