Energized Sandalwood Incense

Energized Chandan or Sandalwood Incenses Cone

We offer Himalayan Healings Energized Sandalwood Natural Premium Incense Cone. Sandalwood is fire and water associative along with being seen as the divine wood. Because of this Energized Sandalwood Incense cone is a good incense to burn for any deity, and it’s also a good incense to use to purify or sanctify an area and remove negative energy within your home environment.

Himalayan Healings Energized Sandalwood Incense cone which is made by Indian herbs and thus harmless for human body. Our Energized Sandalwood Incense Cones dissipate the most alluring fragrance. The fine quality of our Sandalwood incense cone ensures an everlasting effect that creating balance and peace within the home environment. At the same time it also increases focus and thus allowing you to meditate deeper.

Their pure ingredients provide Divine consciousness and purify premises such as homes, shops, vehicles, hospitals, schools, offices. They make the environment joyous. This is useful for concentration in spiritual practice and awakening of spiritual emotion.

Each Sandalwood cone consists of natural Sandalwood -scented core wrapped in incense burning material it is made using Indian Herbs. Hand-rolled in India using the highest quality materials, our Sandalwood cone avoid the burny smell. The fragrances of these incense cone have been selected for their spiritual healing ability. Regular use of Energized incenses cones helps to spiritually purify the environment and fight negative energies. Our incenses cone is known to be 100% natural and eco-friendly. Our incense Cones are highly appreciated for spreading a soothing fragrance thereby creating a peaceful and fresh environment.

Our finest collection of Energized incense cones can be bought at most reasonable rates at our website.

Each single pack contains:

  • Number of Cones: 30 Pieces.
  • Burning Time: Each cone burns up to 40-50 minutes approximately.
  • Price: Rs. 299/- Only.

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