Karmic Healings

People believe in good or bad deeds around the world. Good deeds create good Karma and evil deeds create Bad Karma. Karma’s effect can manifest immediately, later in life or after multiple lifetimes. Some religions view karma as the law that governs recreation, others believe that karma is actual particulate matter, something that gets stuck to the soul and must be removed through acts of goodness.

As souls, what we do comes back to us according to God’s plan. If we have imbalances in our Karma known as karmic debts, we either find ourselves presented with the same lesson again and again within one lifetime until we gain the wisdom (Moksha) and value of the lesson being presented, or we re-embody, carrying the karma over from one lifetime till the next. Spirit is forever patient with our process of learning.

At death we have to leave everything behind- our property and our loved ones, but our Karma will accompany us like a shadow. The Buddha has said that nowhere on earth or in heaven can one escape one’s karma. So when the conditions are correct, dependent upon mind and body, the effects of karma will manifest themselves either in the short term or in the long term.

About Karmic Healing Service in Delhi NCR.

Karmic healing is the process of harmonizing your karma and taking steps to fulfill or removal of karmic Debts that are causing disruption in your lives. Karmic healing process includes systematic cleansing of all layers of the body, grounding, sacred number chanting, meditation, and prayer. Karmic healing is a 21 days Process, after the 21 days it takes 6-12 months for the person to feel tranquil, wonderful, at ease and at peace.

Benefits of Karmic Healing.

The major benefit of Karmic healing is that one can get rid of bad or negative karma, accumulated in this life or any of previous lives. Other benefits are:

  1. Sense of peace, tranquillity and happiness..
  2. Feeling of lightness, calmness, free of guilt, anger.
  3. Finances and relationships improved.
  4. Better health.
  5. Intuition increases and blessed life.
  6. Negative thoughts and negativity removed.
  7. Stress and depression eliminates.
  8. Free from chronic and life threatening diseases.
  9. Spiritual growth.
  10. Unblock all blockages.

Best and Famous Karmic Healer in Delhi NCR, India

Kindly contact Himalayan Healings for Karmic Healing for harmonizing your karma and taking steps to fulfill or removal of karmic Debts that are causing disruption in your lives from one of the best and famous Karmic Healer in Delhi NCR, India: – Ms Sonalika Kumari.

Karmic Healing For all Problems and Diseases

  • 21 Days 7 Chakra Cleansing.
  • Chakra Activation & Balancing..
  • 6 Month Life Coaching.
  • Every Month 2 hours Consultancy For 6 months.

Karmic Healing Charges Starts From Rs. 1,51,000/ -Only.