Reiki Healings

Reiki has roots in Japan around the beginning of the 20th Century. A man, Mikaomi Usui, sought to either learn about how Jesus healed, or to revolutionize Qi Gong practice. The most commonly taught Reiki history comes to us through Mrs. Takata, that Usui wanted to learn how Jesus healed and then had a mystical experience on a mountain. Newer histories of Reiki tell another story, that Usui wanted to rethink the approach to Qi Gong.

“Ki” is also known as Universal life force. This is the life energy. As long as life energy is high and flows freely, the person remains healthy. The moment life energy is low; you are likely to fall ill. “Ki” is also the life energy of our spiritual and emotional life. Thus Reikhi means Rei i.e. ‘God Consciousness’ guides “Ki” the life energy. In Reiki Healing, Healing can be given to self or to others through the flow of life energy.

In Reiki basically flow of life energy is regulated through pathways in the physical body i.e. through Chakras, meridians and Nadis and also in our Aura. When a person is healed through Reiki, the God conscious part i.e. “Reiki” directs the healing energy to all physical, spiritual and emotional blocks and removes these blocks so as to facilitate the flow of “Ki” i.e. life energy freely. Reiki increases the vibratory motion in and around the physical body and causes the negative energies to break down and fall apart, thus allowing the healthy life energy (“Ki”) to flow naturally.

Reiki Healing Service in Delhi NCR

Reiki healing helps in healing every known illness, diseases and all your life Problems. Reiki healing improves the effectiveness of all types of medical treatments and medicines. One should not leave the regular medical treatment while undergoing Reiki Healing. Reiki healing however enhances the positive results of regular medical or psychological treatment.

Benifits of REIKI Healing in Delhi NCR, India.

The major benefit of Reiki healing is that one can get rid of bad or negative Energies, accumulated in your life and surroundings. Other benefits are:

  • REIKI Healing helps in healing every known illness, diseases and all your life Problems.
  • REIKI Healing Decreases Anxiety & Worry Enhances Inner Peace and Calm.
  • REIKI Healing Increases Self-Love & Confidence.
  • REIKI Healing makes you become more grounded and balanced.
  • REIKI Healing Removes Fear and increases Courage within you.
  • REIKI Healing gives Greater clarity, creativity & sense of purpose to your life.
  • REIKI Healing gives stronger intuition & trust for self and the universe.
  • REIKI Healing makes you more of who you truly are.
  • REIKI Healing for more compassion, gratitude and appreciation for life, self and others.

Best and Famous Reiki Healer in Delhi NCR, India.

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Distance Reiki Healing Fee all Over India.

  • 2 Hours Reiki Healings for 3 Days
  • Chakra Activation & Balancing.

Reiki Healing Charge: Rs. 5,000/- I Pay Now

Reiki Healing Through Meeting at Healing Center.

  • 2 Hours Reiki Healings for 3 Days
  • Chakra Activation & Balancing.

Reiki Healing Charge: Rs. 11,000/-  Pay Now